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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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to get that knowledge fromJier, if she will give it to
me. Whatever else she does is her affair, I am not
here to criticise her. To her own Master she stands
or falls and not to me.  She may have her own
reasons, I do not know any thing about it. She has
this knowledge; she speaks of these Masters ; I intend
to get this knowledge; I intend, if it is humanly pos-
sible, to get to the feet of these Masters. And I did.
I have never regretted the confidence I placed in
Madame Blavatsky. If you are critical by nature,
it is your karma, only you will learn much more
slowly.  It will take you much longer than it does
the man who is prepared to accept things reasonably.
People talk about their right of private judgment, and
say it must not be interfered with. WHat we sometimes
forget, I think, is that they exercised that right of
private judgment when they accepted ^ particular
person as their teacher. They might have exercised
their right of private judgment to reject that person.
The great thing is not to pretgnd to accept, while
really making reservations. It is the old, old story y
you know, of Ananias and Sapphira. You will re-
member these worthy people. When all the early
Christians were throwing all their goods into one
common lot and very pleased with themselves for
having faith to do that, you know that Ananias and
Sapphira came along and pretended to be doing the
same. But they had business instincts in the back-
ground, and they were not at all sure that the new